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Mini Éternelle

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Mini Éternelle is everlasting vase arrangement in mini series. Choose your favourite colour or talk to us to create your unique Mini Éternelle.


    Approx. 90-150mm W x 100 - 150mm H, measure from the outer edges of the flowers.

    Dimensions are indicative only. Everlasting is real flower made to last forever. It's a natural product, there may be slight variations in shape, tone and size depending on seasonality.

    Our florist will craft a similar composition arrangement using the inspirational image. 



    Arranged beautifully in mini Simple Vase or Mailing Box.

    Mailing Box include:

    - a mini Simple vase

    - a mini hand-tied bouquet which can be easily placed inside vase

    - optional Surprise bag of Kinomu Soap


    Perfect for keepsake, bedside table charm, living room, study, office and wedding events styling and more.

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