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If your thought is a rose, you are a rose garden. 

Rose in Garden bed

PriceFrom $135.00
  • Recreating memory and inspired by roses garden. 

    Surely, it will captured gardener’s hearts


    Roses in bed of best seasonal blooms and foliage in Simple vase.


    Our florist will craft a similar composition arrangement using the inspirational image.


    Simple Vase included. Colour of Simple Vase ranging from White, Grey, Pink, Concrete, Sage and Black. Our florist will select to match the coloour theme. 


    Beautiful - 6 roses

    Gorgeous - 9 roses

    Dazzling - 15 roses

    Scrumptious - 20 roses and 1 phalaenopsis


    Please contact us directly if you have any specific queries.

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