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Flower Care Tips


When you receive our signature wrapped fresh flower bouquet, we recommend to cut the stems approximately 15 - 20mm with floral snip or sharp scissor before putting it inside a clean vase for it to drink well with fresh cool water. Rinse your clean vase with boiling water prior to remove the nasty bits. Ensure no leaves or flower under water as this will allow bacteria to grow.

For maximum lifespan, change the water and cut the stems every two days.

Keep your flowers away from sunlight/heater and keep it under cool temperature.

Arrangement in a vase, it is ready when we deliver to you.

For maximum lifespan, we recommend to change the water and cut the stems every couple of days.

If you received the bigger arrangement or any arrangement with wire inside, it is best to not remove the flowers from the vase to maintain its design shape, you can change the water every couple days by carefully tipping out the old water and refill with new fresh cool water.

Some of our fresh flower arrangements can be dried-up beautifully, Fluffy Cloud or Wilderness, remove the water from vase or only change the water every three days if you wish to maintain the arrangement to last in the same shape.


To keep your flowers lasting for many years, we recommend keeping your flowers out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry spot, away from damp, moisture, heating and cooling to avoid discolouration. Water is not required in your vase.

Handle everlasting with care as they are very delicate flowers, avoid over-handling some everlasting flower as they may drop their excess petals. Lightly blow them with cool hair-dryers to keep the dust away.

It is recommended to have your hair-dryer setting on the cool air with lowest setting, start with 400mm away and gradually closer to maintain the arrangement style.

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