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Life on the rocks.

Rock Plant

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  • Life on the rocks plant is not only a beautiful ornamentation for your home or office, but a symbol on which to contemplate.Growing in volcanic rock, this Plant is a show stopper!

    It's all about strength, harmony and holding. on in times that may be tough.


    Comes with Black Shallow Vase 170x100mm and complimentary personalised message. 

    Beautifully presented in a gift box with luxurious tissue paper and ribbon. Perfect for a special and unique gift.



    Due to the nature of the product, plant variety, colour of your pebbles and vase may vary due to availability.  Presentation box generally comes with white colour and various colour of ribbons.

  • It looks like a bonsai, only it is a lot easier to look after!


    1. Keep the pebbles wet

    2. Add liquid fertiliser to water once a fortnight and the leaves will stay shiny green

    3. If the plant becomes too big, trim back the branches close to the stem, leave a few leaves and it will regrow easily

    4. A harmless, white fungus will sometimes grow on the rock in air-conditioned rooms. This is easily removed with luke warm water and a soft brush after removing pebbles.

    5. The best position is half shade, but direct sun will not harm your Rock plant.

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